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Welcome to my site.

My latest novel, Clementine and her Stalker, is now
available from bookstores, including Amazon, and as
an e-book through Kindle and Smashwords.

Tony Williams falls head over heels for a beautiful
public schoolgirl, only to discover that she's a notorious
aristocratic wild child.

Book two of the Strand-on-the-Green Strongwoman
series, Passion and Power features the powerful
Maggie Wells, who has avoided arrest for over a year
having been charged with attempted murder. For DS
Staples, the subject of her passion, Maggie's return
presents a cocktail of problems, professionally,
physically, and emotionally.

My novel,
The Long Gallery, is now available on
Amazon Kindle and
Young Daisy Truman has inherited a rambling country
house in Kent, but little does she realise the problems
she is about to encounter, from a conspiracy that has
its roots firmly embedded in the depths of the ancient
Hall, to a ghostly figure that roams the rooms and

Castle in the Clouds is still available, please see link
below for introductory chapters.

Castle in the Clouds
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February 2021

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Added to my site, in addition to the prologue, are
the opening chapters of my drama set in the New
Forest, entitled Carruthers' Demise: A publisher
has been murdered and novelist Chelsey
Carruthers is prime suspect. Her husband, Martin,
strives to protect her innocence in her absence.

The complete book is now available at

Also, the first short story featuring Betty McCloud,
a schoolteacher with a difference is displayed on
site. An e-book of the first series, Stories of Power,
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The second series converted into a book entitled
'The Crusader of Corrisville' can be downloaded at /profile/view/Briancross

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Three Mile Drove, my horror story set in the
English fens is now available in e-book format.  For
a limited time only at the price of 0.99.  You can
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Extract: Strand-on-the-Green Strongwoman

ootsteps at a rapid pace, and before Staples knew
what was happening, he felt powerful arms around his
waist raising him from the ground. Biceps like steel
crunched into his sides, forcing the air from his lungs.
Suddenly the mighty bear hug ceased, Staples
slumped to the ground, and in the growing dusk
Staples saw Maggie Wells looming over him, hands on
hips. "Oh," Maggie clapped a hand to her mouth. "Did I
do that? Little me? Well, surprise, surprise."
"Hello to you too," Staples panted, looking up at his
accoster, his alarm and annoyance subsiding as he
took in the familiar cheeky smile.
"You could have done some serious damage there," he
chastised mildly.
"Nonsense." Maggie offered her right hand to help him
up. "If I'd wanted to do some serious damage you
wouldn't be sitting up now. Maggie thrust her arm
towards him, and her biceps rippled and surged as she
hauled him up, her hand gripping Staples' so tightly it
was already growing numb.