Please see below, my other novels and read a little about them.
'Stormfly', involves three adolescents, two of whom embark on a collision
course with  a wealthy landowner.
And in 'The Scarlet Web' a serial killer is at large, but has Inspector Mike
Eveson the right suspect in his sights?
Jack, Annie and Tom, are three adolescents happily
growing up together in the Suffolk countryside. But the
innocence of youth is fading and being replaced by an
awareness of developing passions that distort their
friendship. Jack has come to view Annie in a different
light, and Tom no longer seems the amiable playmate
he once was. The trials and tribulations the trio are
about to encounter are deepened further by the
manipulative landowner, Nigel de Vere, who is about to
cast his shadow over  the entire village of Upper

Stormfly is available for £7.99, mail or via paypal
Shelley Summers is subjected to a serious assault in an
urban underpass. This event clouds her ensuing years
and inhibits a relationship with a senior police officer who
is investigating a series of killings -
but his suspicions are growing -
The Scarlet Web is available by mailing: or via paypal for 7.99 inc

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